Specialist Mental Health Fire Door Sets/Maintenance – FireDoors

Working with fire door sets in mental health facilities demands a nuanced approach, particularly with regard to security of the site and its staff and occupants. Here’s how we address these challenges:

  1. Very Challenging Environments: Operating in mental health facilities requires navigating this challenging environment where safety and security measures, are paramount. We are equipped to handle these unique conditions with professionalism and sensitivity having worked on such sites for 15 yrs and received all appropriate training.
  2. Consideration Given to Service Users at All Times: Our Fire door Installation and maintenance procedures prioritise the well-being and comfort of service users at all times. We strive to minimise disruption and maintain a supportive atmosphere for those in care through the following of the in house procedures of the care provider through things such as protected meal times or noise minimisation till after agreed times.
  3. Use of and Tracking of All Work Tools Essential: Every tool we utilise undergoes rigorous security checks on to and off site via a ‘tool check in’ system. We maintain strict control over our equipment to guarantee safety and effectiveness in every task.
  4. Strict Adherence to Rules of the Site: Compliance with site regulations is non-negotiable. Our team adheres meticulously to all rules and protocols, ensuring seamless integration of our services within the facility’s operational framework.

With a focus on anti-ligature principles integrated into our approach, we uphold the integrity and functionality of fire door sets while respecting the unique environment of mental health facilities.