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Pro Fire Systems Ltd is an accredited installer of passive firestop systems, helping to protect lives and buildings against the threat of fire. 

We provide a comprehensive range of building integrity services – such as fire risk assessments, firestopping and fire compartment surveys – to the UK’s public sector and construction industry.

Certified by the FIRAS Certification Scheme, our expert team can install passive fire resisting products to all service penetrations and voids in fire compartment walls. This is done while ensuring compliance with your specified strategy to minimise the risk of a life-threatening fire spreading quickly. 

We specialise in service penetration seals and building joints, working to improve the fire resistance of pipes, cables and gaps that pass through fire rated walls and floors. Whether a new or existing building, we always maintain the integrity and insulation of the element.

Working to rigorous standards, our installers not only undertake fire stopping but also install systems for air sealing and acoustic separation, as well as providing an expert consultancy service on passive fire stopping.

Our full offering of advice, product and installation can help you maintain the upmost safety of your building. Get in touch today! 

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