Fire Door Installation

Fire doors are essential components of any building’s fire safety system, as they prevent the spread of fire and smoke, giving people time to evacuate. Therefore, they must be properly installed and regularly maintained to ensure effectiveness.

At Profire Systems Ltd, our certified BM TRADA installers are trained and experienced in both fire door installation and maintenance. They meticulously align doors, fit intumescent strips, and install hardware according to the highest standards to guarantee safe evacuation in the event of a fire.

  • However, working in live areas always presents challenges, particularly when handling large, heavy objects like fire doors. To mitigate this, our solution involves scheduling work outside of normal hours or segregating areas off from the public, ensuring minimal disruption and risk.
  • Additionally, the containment of dust or other hazardous substances during work in live areas poses another challenge. Our approach involves controlling all machine-based works off-site in a compound and chaperoning staff or members of the public away from these work areas, thereby ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

By entrusting your fire door installation and maintenance needs to Profire Systems Ltd, you’re investing in the ongoing safety and functionality of your building’s fire safety measures. With our meticulous approach and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your fire doors remain reliable guardians against the ravages of fire, safeguarding both lives and property.