Fire Door Inspections

PFS offers a professional and expert fire door inspection service that is independent. We are fully qualified to carry out the audit/check/inspection of your fire doors and will subsequently prepare a detailed report on the fire doors on your premises.

The comprehensive assessment will involve checking there is no obvious damage that may affect the integrity of the door or the gap around the door frame, and that the threshold is within permissible tolerance. We’ll also check intumescent seals, smoke seals, hinge condition, signage, door closers, fire rated glass, locks, latches, handles.

Why is a Fire Door Inspection necessary?

Similarly to firestopping, fire doors are a critical part of your building’s passive fire protection system.

They impede the passage of smoke, toxic fumes and fire along with compartmentalising a building to maintain a safe means of escape for its occupants. They are essential in all buildings and are a key element of the fire safety strategy. To make sure they function correctly in the event of a fire, they must be regularly inspected, tested and maintained. This will be confirmed in your fire risk assessment and is a requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005.

This guidance advises that fire doors, and all supporting components, should be checked periodically as determined by the building’s fire risk assessment.

Following the fire door inspection you will be provided with a detailed report which highlights the pass/fail rating for each door based on required criteria. The report also includes a full list of any remedial actions needed to bring the doors up to the necessary standard.

When a fire door has been deemed as non-compliant following our inspection or the fire risk assessment then we are suitably certified to carry out replacements.