Fire damper surveys

Profire Systems Ltd specialises in providing comprehensive fire damper surveys for the NHS, Social care sector, Universities, Housing associations, Schools, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and the effective containment of fire and smoke. Fire compartmentation, an essential aspect of building safety, involves the construction of fire-resistant walls and the installation of fire doors to prevent the spread of fires.

In buildings with mechanical ventilation systems, it’s crucial that air handling ductwork passing through compartment walls is equipped with fire or smoke dampers. These dampers play a vital role in halting the spread of fire and smoke, safeguarding adjacent compartments. Regular maintenance of dampers is imperative, including annual servicing and the replacement of fusible links every two years, as per British Standards.

  • Profire systems ltd understands that data can quite often be lacking when it comes to Damper identification and location. We have used our experience in the fire industry to meet the client’s needs to Identify, geo locate and set a maintenance program for the fire dampers in a building, so a rolling maintenance program can exist as per British standards.
  • Profire Systems Ltd conducts thorough surveys to locate and identify all fire and smoke dampers within a building. Utilising CAD plans, they meticulously record the locations of existing dampers, facilitating efficient ongoing maintenance. Additionally, they identify areas where dampers should be installed to enhance fire containment, providing comprehensive data for potential installation contracts.

Profire Systems Ltd offers a vital service for ensuring the safety and compliance of large buildings with fire safety regulations. Their meticulous approach to surveying and maintenance empowers building managers to effectively manage fire dampers and uphold stringent safety standards.