Fire Barriers / Curtains and Cavity Barriers

At Profire Systems Ltd, we specialise in Fire Barrier Systems designed to control the spread of flames, heat, and smoke in buildings, particularly through concealed spaces like roofs and ceiling voids. Our products not only serve to inhibit fire propagation but also provide thermal and acoustic insulation, enhancing overall safety and comfort.

The installation of Fire and Cavity Barriers, strategically placed to prevent the rapid spread of fire within crucial building areas such as ceilings, roof spaces, and raised access floors. These barriers play a critical role in providing compartmentation, ensuring that fires remain contained in their initial location for as long as possible. By compartmentalising the structure, we mitigate the risks associated with fire, smoke, and gas spreading throughout the building.

  • We understand the challenges posed by tight and difficult enclosed loft spaces. To address this, we employ careful planning and execution of pre-planned works, utilising tested and compliant solutions from recognised fire barrier manufacturers such as Rockwool. This ensures that even the most challenging spaces receive effective fire protection without compromising safety or functionality.
  • Furthermore, we recognise the complexities involved in executing installations within live units, especially in sensitive environments like NHS units where infection control is paramount. To tackle this issue, we implement innovative solutions such as enclosing areas with flexible curtain systems equipped with extraction systems. These systems not only create a barrier between the installation site and the rest of the unit but also help maintain strict infection control measures, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants.

At Profire Systems Ltd, we are committed to delivering comprehensive fire protection solutions that address the unique challenges of each environment while adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality. Our expertise, coupled with our dedication to innovation and compliance, ensures that our clients receive reliable and effective fire barrier installations tailored to their specific needs.