Steel Protection

Profire Systems Ltd proposes to provide comprehensive steel protection solutions for the client to mitigate the risk of structural failure in the event of a fire. Recognising the critical importance of preserving the structural integrity of steel components within buildings, our scope encompasses the application of Intumescent Coatings or dry fit solutions to safeguard against temperature-induced strength loss and heat transfer.

By partnering with Profire Systems Ltd, the client can ensure that their steel infrastructure remains resilient even under extreme heat conditions. Our Intumescent Coatings act as a barrier, delaying the onset of structural failure by maintaining steel temperatures below critical thresholds during fire incidents.

Key elements of our scope include:

  1. Assessment of steel components vulnerable to heat exposure.
  2. Application of Intumescent Coatings or dry fit solutions to protect identified steel elements.
  3. Compliance with industry standards and regulations governing fire protection measures.
  4. Collaboration with the client to customise protection strategies based on specific structural requirements and fire risk profiles.
  5. Provision of documentation and certification demonstrating the effectiveness of the protective measures implemented.

With Profire Systems Ltd’s expertise and proven track record in steel protection means the client can mitigate the risk of structural collapse in the event of a fire, safeguarding occupants and assets alike. Our solutions afford emergency responders valuable time to execute evacuation procedures and contain the fire, thereby enhancing overall safety and resilience.