Air and Acoustic Sealing

Air and acoustic sealing is becoming increasingly important in the modern world we live in, where energy efficiency is vital. 

Air Sealing

Air leakage tests are routinely carried out on all modern buildings in an effort to create a more energy efficient and cost effective environment that will satisfy the required building regulations and achieve total compliance.

Air sealing can reduce the internal heating and cooling costs of a building and therefore reduce the overall running cost. Furthermore, there are the obvious benefits of sealing a building from the external elements. 

Acoustic Sealing 

Acoustic Sealing can supply additional benefits similar to that of air sealing, but they also reduce the chance of noise transfer throughout a building and in certain environments such as Healthcare, can be of massive benefit. 

Other improvements include:

  • Increases comfort of building users
  • Lower costs of heating and cooling
  • Improved air quality
  • Increases the durability of a building
  • Environmentally friendly

Pro Fire recommends that, ideally, Air and Acoustic Sealing is carried out at the same time as fire stopping. Installing these systems simultaneously significantly reduces the disruption and costs.