Merseycare NHS Trust


We have carried out Passive Fire Protection works for Merseycare NHS Foundation trust throughout a number of their sites. One of those sites is Ashworth High Secure Hospital.
Due to the nature of the building and the service users our staff had to be chaperoned whilst they carried out works within the unit and staff are also not permitted to take their mobile phones in to the unit.

This problem was overcome by going back to basics and using a paper plan on site to mark up. Once they were of site, they would input the location of the seals in to the app from their paper plan. This ensured that the client was still able to obtain a record of where the seals were situated.

Merseycare NHS Foundation trust also commissioned work on Fire doors. These works involved full fire door set installations and also Fire Door maintenance to all the standards applicable to mental health trusts, such as Anti Ligature.


Merseycare NHS Trust


Ashworth High Secure Hospital